Crop production

Crop production

AGROTRADE Group started cultivating its own land and growing cereals and oil crops in 2006. Subsequently, the list of crops and the land bank were greatly expanded. In 2011, the Group had already cultivated 45,000 ha of land, by 2012 the area had increased to 49,000 ha, and by 2013 to 59,000 ha. Now the area of the leased land bank is more than 70,000 ha, of which 10,700 ha are in Kharkiv region, 4,000 ha in Poltava region, 25,900 ha in Sumy region and about 30,000 ha in Chernihiv region.

Since 2015, the Group has been actively developing its organic farming. Some lands in Kharkiv region were allocated and a separate unit was created for this purpose. After receiving the European Organic Standard Certificate in 2017, the first harvest of organic produce was gathered. Currently, 2,500 hectares of land are allocated for growing organic products.

AGROTRADE Group utilizes high performance technology of cultivation. This is a classic approach to tillage, high-efficiency seeds and hybrids, high-quality fertilizers and plant protection agents. The potential of the soil, climatic conditions, requirements for careful and responsible use of land resources were all taken into account in the development of this technology in order to obtain the maximum result.

AGROTRADE Group experts monitor all the latest world developments and apply them in their practice, while pre-testing the performance.

The Company’s development strategy also involves moving from its own equipment to rental equipment. The holding company forms a pool of reliable partners for all kinds of work. The use of lease helps to minimize capital expenditures on machinery and to provide the necessary amount of machinery during critical periods to perform work on time. In buying our own equipment, we employ the principle of maximum standardization. Unification of equipment at all enterprises minimizes the cost of maintenance and training of personnel.

One of the most important principles of the holding company includes controlling the work progress and monitoring the condition of the fields. The Group uses Cropio remote monitoring system for agronomical and accounting processes, which includes:

monitoring the state of the cultivated areas using satellite data,

maintaining the history of crop rotation,

controlling the performance of operations,

recording volumes of input materials and yield on the fields.

Based on the obtained data, the efficiency of applied agricultural technologies is analyzed. The monitoring center uses real-time GPS sensors to monitor equipment and consumption of fuel, controls technical and processing parameters of the work performed.


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