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Talent Pool

Agrotrade staff policies are intended to ensure that vacancies are consistently filled with appropriate new candidates and the company’s existing employees are given a timely promotion.

To this end, the company has introduced a talent pool program for a certain list of positions. There are two sources of human resources used to fill vacancies in case of urgent need: new candidates and Agrotrade employees.

So, if you would like a position with the company but are not yet employed at Agrotrade you can be included in the talent pool. Your candidature will be checked against the requirements of a certain position within the company based on a group of indicators. In some cases, for example, when existing business units are restructured or new ones are created, you can be appointed to a position in new entities.

Agrotrade is a modern, dynamic and adaptive organization. Be prepared to receive an offer from the management once you are included in the company’s talent pool. The company grows and enhances its presence in new segments of the Ukrainian and global agrarian market and, as such, constantly needs new specialists. Coming to Agrotrade with your resume is your first step in building a career in a powerful agro-industrial company.

The program for orientation of newly appointed employees will help them to quickly and comfortably assume their duties and effectively work in the modern environment.

The company’s development and its specialists’ personal and professional growth requires that the management appoints employees to their positions in a timely and adequate manner. Employees of Agrotrade Group of Companies included in the talent pool are guaranteed the most favorable conditions for career promotion. However, people are included in the talent pool only on a voluntary basis. Both the management and the employee himself/herself should be interested in and prepared for a higher responsibility and wider authorities in managerial roles.

Further training courses are available to people striving for their personal professional growth as it is an employee’s desire that guarantees a successfully developing career within Agrotrade Group’s structure.

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