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A professional team is among major factors of succeeding in a tough market competition. Principles of corporate policies and ethics streamline the team members’ interaction.

Agrotrade’s personnel policies are ultimately aimed at ensuring that the team performs in a timely and effective manner. To this end, the personnel is placed in conditions most favorable for improving their professional skills and reaching career growth.

What the company values most in its employees includes:

  • the ability to work in a team;
  • personal responsibility for the result;
  • trust;
  • mutual respect;
  • inherent sociability;
  • experience;
  • a professional attitude to assignments;
  • initiative.

Currently Agrotrade Group’s staff (11 grain silos, 12 agricultural undertakings, Kharkiv-based headquarters of the company) includes around 3,000 employees. Each of them is a team member that contributes to a powerful intellectual potential of the entire organization, determines and shapes the company’s reputation through their conduct and ensures its viability with their professional activity.

The company's management created conditions as favorable for each employee as possible. In this way, the personnel can open up its potential and achieve great performance. Agrotrade has implemented:

  • an integrated labor remuneration system;
  • a complex personnel evaluation system;
  • staff training and development programs based on the analysis of actual needs for a higher qualification of specialists;
  • an incentive system based on performance of an individual department and each employee’s personal contribution;
  • information and technical resources each employee needs to effectively perform assignments.

Agrotrade Group is interested both in university and college graduates that are only making first steps up their career ladder and experienced specialists. The organization has a working talent pool system.

The company’s management offers long-term cooperation to its staff members thus developing a sense of confidence and stability in them. The company's good performance stems from:

  • teamwork;
  • vast opportunities for professional and career growth available to each team member;
  • a democratic management style;
  • a friendly atmosphere in the workplace.

Agrotrade’s team is a professional and comfortable environment for your occupational growth and maximum self-realization.

Open vacancies.

Even if we do not have any open vacancies, corresponding to your experience and skills, and you wish to be a part of the Agrotrade Group, please, fill in the questionnaire and you might be able to fulfil your professional abilities, working in one of the leading companies of agricultural area in Ukraine.


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