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AGROTRADE Group has summed up the results of the year: high-tech implementation became the key to the holding's operation



The maximum standardization is the main principle in management for many years. AGROTRADE is also one of the leaders in the efficient use of the latest IT developments among Ukrainian agro companies.

In particular, in 2018, the final dispatching of equipment accounting was conducted and the Monitoring Center was established. Its employees monitor the work of tractors, combines, seeders, etc. in online mode. The park has been substantially updated, 21 cars have been purchased for the needs of agrobusinesses and elevators.

The company introduced the standardization of the use of motor oils and the unification of stockpiles. The most interesting of about 10 supplier offers was the offer from Invent Group, a distributor of Shell, which was to test the products and choose the ones that are best suited for the entire fleet of equipment.

In the Sumy region tests were carried out during field work from spring to autumn, said Oleksiy Shybaev, Senior Engineer of the AgroCluster-3 Group. “The oils were well shown during the work of the equipment in difficult conditions and at different air temperatures. The replacement interval has increased from 250 to 400 hours,” – he said. “The tests proved that usage of Shell products is more efficient, cost savings over the testing period were more than 40%,” – concluded Olena Vorona, Chief Financial and Operating Officer of AGROTRADE Group.

“In the Accounting Center of the management company, was concentrated almost all accounting of the holding: harvests, inventories, taxes, etc. Due to this, the quality of accounting has significantly improved, it provides the effective management of the company and careful budgets planning,” – said Olena Vorona.

Over the past year, the holding has significantly invested in developing of its own elevator chain, said Konstantin Vorona, Head of Technical Industries Department of AGROTRADE Group. The storage infrastructure is extremely important, thanks to it, the company always has the ability to keep the cut yield in the right conditions.

Significant work has been carried out to implement a social program for the development of villages where the Group's businesses are managed. It is a help to rural medicine, schools, kindergartens, community centres, municipal improvement, sports development. The company held “Gromadotvorets” a contest for social projects. It helped to solve the problems that were considered as the most acute in the villages, because the best project was chosen by voting in the communities.

An important area of activity is a project devoted to patriotic education. Within this framework, AGROTRADE organized excursions for the schoolchildren of Sumy and Chernihiv villages to the Memorial Complex “Kruty Heroes Monument” that helped students to better understand the history of Ukraine. In total, the holding's social investments totaled almost 7 million UAH this year.

Agrotrade Group, 2009