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AGROTRADE Group has held a seminar for employees of Credit Agricole Bank



The experts of the holding familiarized the bank with the principles of using Cropio, the remote monitoring system. The seminar was held on the basis of LLC Kolos in Kharkiv region, 40 employees of Credit Agricole Bank came there from different regions of Ukraine.

Participants of the seminar learned how with the help of the Cropio system, AGROTRADE plans and controls the carrying out of agricultural operations and the work of machinery. During their departures to the fields, the peculiarities of corn, sunflower and soybean growth technology were introduced to them. The final excursion was to a seed plant, equipped with the equipment from Cimbria (Denmark), a global leader in grain processing technologies.

“We are open and ready to share knowledge and experience," stressed Yana Liubova, the Head of Economics and Finance Section of AGROTRADE Group. – Our company has been working with Credit Agricole Bank since February 2012. I am convinced that after the familiarization with the production and the monitoring and control system, the bank's employees will better understand the work of the holding, which will make our interaction even more intense and simplify the process of agreeing transactions and obtaining operational confirmations from the Bank's services.”

Natalia Porvina, the Director of the Agrobusiness Support Department of Credit Agricole Bank, informed that the seminar is a part of the “Agroschool” training project, aimed at expanding expertise and deepening the knowledge of specialists in the field of agrobusiness.

“Credit Agricole Bank focuses on supporting farmers, so it`s important for us to share a common language with them. The knowledge of our experts is an added value for our clients. This project includes several training modules and covers all regions and business lines. The training includes not only the theory, but also the practical part, visits to agrobusinesses, departure to the fields, studying the process of agricultural production in practice. This gives the opportunity to better understand the needs of agrarian enterprises, to consider their requests faster and more efficiently, to expand cooperation,” – she said.

Yana Liubova noted that the Bank's employees have a high level of agrarian knowledges. “It is very important that both sides are interested in understanding each other and being experts not only in the field of numbers but also in the field of technology,” – she concluded.

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