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AGROTRADE Group introduced new varieties of wheat and sunflower seeds



AGROTRADE Group has brought to the market a new sowing material of its own brand Agroseeds. The company has grown imported cultivars from world leaders from France, Austria and Germany.

In the line of sunflower seeds appeared hybrids to grow on Clearfield technology (resistant to imidazoline-based herbicides) – Mandroid (France) and Irimi (Austria). These are new cultivars for the country, Mandroid has been added to the Ukrainian Plant Cultivars Register in 2017 and Irimi in 2016.

The assortment of winter wheat was supplemented with new high-yielding cultivars of import selection – “Midas” (Austria), “Colony” (France), “Dromos” (Germany).

Novelties appeared as a result of partnership with leading companies of the European market.

Seed material Agroseeds is grown under the supervision of specialists and authored by the originators of cultivars and then refined at AGROTRADE Group seed plant, where the modern equipment Cimbria Haid (Denmark) is installed.

All seeds comply with current quality standards, including DSTU 4138-2002 and DSTU 6068-2008.

Additional Information

Sunflower “Mandroid”:

– Middle type of ripeness, the period of vegetation is 108-112 days;
– Recommended for growing in the zones of the steppe and forest steppe;
– Has genetic resistance to the sobole race F;
– The hybrid is designed to grow on Clearfield technology;.

Sunflower “Irimi”:

– Medieval type, vegetation period 115-117 days;
– Recommended for growing in the zones of the steppe, forest-steppe and Polissya;
– High resistance to major diseases and lodging;
– The hybrid is designed to grow on Clearfield technology.

Winter wheat of intensive type “Midas”:

– High yield potential 90-100 c/h;
– It tolerates well low temperatures and drought:
– Has high resistance to diseases;
– Has high baking quality.

Winter wheat “Colony”:

– High yield potential - 130 c/ha;
– Well tolerates low temperatures;
– Very well suited for sowing on the territory of Polissya and forest-steppe;
– Has a high resistance to diseases and stress factors, lodging;
– Has high baking quality..

Winter wheat “Dromos”:

– High yield potential - 90 c/ha;
– The harvest of 2018, the first reproduction;
– Well tolerates low temperatures;
– Recommended for growing in areas with high rainfall;
– Distinguished by high resistance to stress and its adaptive properties;
– Has high resistance to diseases.

Agrotrade Group, 2009