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AGROTRADE group has summed up the sowing



This year the spring sowing campaign was conducted with maximum intensity. There was a lot of snow in March that did not melt for more than a month, so it was possible to start sowing only on April 12. The machinery entered the field about 10-14 days later than the scheduled dates, though all the Group`s companies completed their sowing on time.

“Despite the weather surprises, we have sowed all the crops according to the plan, the area under early and late crops did not change. The total sown area is about 70 thousand ha, 2600 ha of which (3.7%) are reserved for organic production. Another 1.5% are occupied by niche cultures, the rest 94.8% are grain, leguminous and oilseeds crops,” said Olena Vorona, Chief Financial and Operating Officer.

Victor Kukharchuk, Director of the Agro-Industrial Department said that the weather conditions forced to make adjustments to the process of plant nutrition. “Despite the fact that we cannot delay during the sowing, to be in a hurry is unnecessary too. We took into account that the temperature of the soil rose quickly, so it was necessary to use the correct seeders to adhere to the technology. We have closely followed their implementation with the help of Cropio, the remote monitoring system”, – he said.

This year all corn fields of AGROTRADE Group have been sown with seeds of its own production. “Previously, we sowed both our own seeds and more expensive imported seed material, the ratio was about 50 to 50. As the actual seed yielded no worse than purchased, this year we managed with hybrids of our own brand “Agrosides”. Now we hope for a good harvest”, – said Olena Vorona.

Agrotrade Group, 2009