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AGROTRADE Group became the winner of the project Agrarian Elite of Ukraine



AGROTRADE Group took the lead in the category “Diversification of production” of the “Agrarian Elite of Ukraine” project, having entered the rating of 100 best agricultural enterprises according to the magazine “The Ukrainian Farmer”.

This rating included companies, thanks to which the agrarian sector became the basis for the Ukrainian economy. The winners of the project “Agrarian Elite of Ukraine” are those who, despite all the obstacles believe in their business and develop agriculture, have a global thinking and invest the earned money in the future of the country.

For the sixth consecutive years, AGROTRADE group annually gets to this rating, taking the lead in various nominations.

In 2017, AGROTRADE Group increased the sown area to 70 thousand ha, yielded more than 300 thousand tons of grain, increased the capacity of silos, which can now store up to 620 thousand tons and expanded the production of seeds. Also, the reorganization was carried out to improve efficiency - farms were united into six silos.

Last year was effective for the company in terms of yielding, profitability and structural changes. AGROTRADE has demonstrated sustainable growth of all production and economic indicators, all the links of the vertically integrated business model have gained profit and a new impetus for development.

The winners of the project “Agrarian Elite of Ukraine” were determined on the basis of expert opinions of five specialized editions, as well as an advisory board composed of representatives of branch associations, leading banks and companies.

Agrotrade Group, 2009