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Villagers are invited to take part in the Gromadotvorets contest



AGROTRADE Group, Vsevolod Kozhemyako`s Charitable Foundation “UKRAINE XXI” and Ukrainian Leadership Academy conduct a competition for social projects aimed at improving the living conditions of rural communities.

In the Kharkiv, Sumy, Poltava and Chernihiv oblasts the competition “Gromadostroets” was started. Its goal is to create effective communication between the community, business and government. It will be conducted on the territory of human settlements where AGROTRADE Group operates.

This competition is a part of the significant direction of the company called “Public Budget”, aimed at interacting with communities and improving living conditions in the countryside.

The task of the competition is to involve people in solving local problems, says Oleksii Babeshko, Head of the Land Department of AGROTRADE Group. “Social responsibility means a lot to our company. We believe it is very important to establish interaction between the community and business. We should encourage people to be proactive, everyone should feel like a community creator. After all, community is formed when there is an awareness of common goals in society and the desire to achieve them and people do not just live like residents of a certain territory,” he stressed.

According to Babeshko, in order to help villagers in preparation of their projects, the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership (UAL) has been attracted. Its students and mentors traveled to villages where they would communicate with people during the week.

Stanislav Bilyi, mentor on projects and partnership of the Kharkiv branch of the UAL, informed that 40 students and mentors of the academy will carry out work in villages in three directions: 1. Study community problems through surveys and interviews of people of all ages; 2. Conducting trainings on design thinking and project management for all those who wish. Representatives of the UAL will tell how, cooperating with the authorities and business, people can solve local problems, meet the needs of the community; 3. Study of the cultural features and traditions of the village during communication with the elderly.

“AGROTRADE and the “UKRAINE XXI” Foundation have invited us to take part in this project. Our team helped prepare it and our students and mentors will spend this week in villages. All information that they collect will be systematized, and on its basis a list of issues, that are of concern to rural residents, will be formed. For them we also carry out educational work, teaching how to create and present projects”, – said Bilyi.

There are special boxes to collect ideas in villages, where residents can leave their offers. The commission consisting of representatives of AGROTRADE, Vsevolod Kozhemyako`s Charitable Foundation “UKRAINE XXI” and heads of village councils will select the best proposals for participation in the next stage of the competition. Their authors should prepare presentations of projects for participation in the final. It will take place as a community meeting. The winning projects will be implemented with the financial support of AGROTRADE Group and Vsevolod Kozhemyako`s Charitable Foundation “Ukraine XXI”.

There are the human settlements in which the contest “Gromadotrvorets” is held:

Kharkiv oblast – Zolochiv, Petro-Ivanivka, Novomykolayivka, Shelestovoe; Chernihiv oblast – Prokhori, Sivolos, Shapovalivka, Khalimonov, Olishivka, Krasilivka; Poltava oblast – Rozbyshivka, Lisivka; Sumy Oblast – Suha Grun, Sai, Rusanivka, Korovintsy, Podilky, Nyzhnya Serovatka, Mazivka, Strelniki, Revyakino.

Agrotrade Group, 2009