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A film about the Holodomor is being shot at the Chernihiv elevator of the AGROTRADE Group


In the town of Velikaya Doch of the Borznyansky district of the Chernigov region, a political thriller about the Holodomor is being filmed. The working title of the painting is «Gareth Jones». It is the production of an international team, which includes participants from Ukraine, Poland and the UK.

One of the locations chosen by the filmmakers was the Chernihiv elevator, an enterprise of AGROTRADE Group. The company helped to organize the shooting process: provided a platform for filming, provided actors and filmmakers with transportation. Grain, owned by the company, was used as a props for the film. The Group facilitated the casting. A total of 250 people from the entire Chernihiv region were selected for mass scenes, among them employees of the company.

The main character of the film is the British journalist Gareth Jones who visited Ukraine in 1933 and then, returning home, was the first in the West to tell about the horrors of the Holodomor. This reporter was persecuted by the Chekists.

The role of Gareth Jones is played by the famous Irish actor Jack Raynor. Actress Vanessa Kirby plays journalist Ada Brooks. Among the Ukrainian actors in the project are Yakov Tkachenko (Priputni), Oleg Drach (Battle for Sevastopol), Vladimir Fedoruk, Anna Shaydyuk, Anastasia Chalaya, Alina Kovalskaya.

Agrotrade Group, 2009