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AGROTRADE commented on the progress of the sowing campaign



Before spring sowing season, the company introduced Cropio, the field monitoring system, updated its fleet of equipment: Case tractors, Manitou loaders, Kuhn seeders, KINZE precision seed drills, Polish Unia mineral fertilizer spreaders and other equipment. Niche crops (mustard and pumpkin) will be grown in the company for the first time.

The total sown area is 65 thousand ha. There are classical, niche and organic crops in the structure of the crops area, among them: grain, leguminous and oilseed crops, which make up – 94.6% of the sown area; seed areas and areas of hybridization make up – 6.9%; organic crops – 3%; niche cultures – 2.4%.

The increase of the sown area of organic crops from 2 thousand to 5,5 thousand ha is the plan of the company in the transition period to organic farming, which will last for 2 years. Now on 2 thousand ha AGROTRADE will grow such organic crops as pumpkin, soya, flax, wheat and lentil.

“Projections for the duration of sowing are as follows, in 7-10 days we plan to finish the spring sowing, but the absence of rain, dry winds, low temperatures affect the winter crops very negatively, delay the sowing and do not allow to work at full capacity” – commented Olena Vorona, Chief Financial and Operating Officer of AGROTRADE Group.

Agrotrade Group, 2009