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AGROTRADE Group introduces systemic skills development for its staff



At the end of January, AGROTRADE Group conducted its own agroschool`s first training course for staff from 17 farms of Chernihiv, Sumy, Poltava, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv oblasts. The training was attended by about 30 specialists: agronomists and deputy directors of production.

The curriculum is specially developed by leading specialists and is based on the requirements and functional responsibilities of agronomists of farms, enshrined in the Group's internal regulations. It consists of 3 parts: theoretical training (familiarity with the latest world trends in the field of agronomy), practical (discussion and solution of applied case studies) and test (based on learning outcomes).

During the training, agronomists were introduced to the latest developments in the following areas: mechanics and soil tillage, especially the care of winter crops, soybean technology, effective spraying technology, sunflower cultivation technology and there were also discussed the issues that arise in production. It will be possible to evaluate in practice the learning outcomes and the benefits of the knowledge gained during the sowing campaign.

“Following the fieldwork, we simply do not have time to track down significant changes in the system of protection, drugs or new technology and without new technologies, we will not be able to protect the crop culture from weeds or pests. The information we have received is 100% useful and may be applied in practice,” – acknowledges Mykola Moshay, the agronomist of LLC “Agriport Nord”.

“Modern agriculture is increasingly technology-intensive and requires new knowledge and skills, use of the latest technology and the best practices in the world aimed at achieving high results despite climatic and weather-related risks, thus we aim at continuous improvement and development of our personnel.” – said Natalia Logvinova, the Director of the Personnel Department.

Training sessions are held three times a year: before the beginning of the spring sowing campaign and in July. Additional educational events are scheduled for summer, during which participants will also visit demo-fields in order to familiarize with modern technologies of plant protection systems.