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AGROTRADE Group will supply Ukrainian eco-products to world markets



AGROTRADE Group has received the quality certificate of “Organic Standard”, the only Ukrainian organic certification body recognized in the EU and the company will start producing its own organic products from the spring of 2017: soy beans, peas and buckwheat. 2000 ha were allocated in Chernihiv, Sumy and Kharkiv oblasts under the sowing.

The expected sales markets are the EU and the US.

“The company has already invested 10 million UAH in this direction. The equipment is purchased, new technologies are introduced, – comments Vsevolod Kozhemyako, CEO of AGROTRADE Group. – In this project, we see not only economic benefits, but also assume social responsibility, the purpose of which is to preserve a valuable national resource – the land. The lack of artificial fertilizers and means of protection in the soil contributes to the restoration of its natural biology. At the same time, organic crop rotation will produce healthy and clean produce.”

Organic farming is a production method that eliminates the use of heavy synthetic fertilizers and harmful chemicals. During 2016-2020, the organic food market will grow annually by an average of 15.5%. Four years later, it will grow by 60%. Such results are published by Grand View Research, an American consulting company that deals with market research in more than 40 countries.”

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