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AGROTRADE companies continue crop yields



AGROTRADE companies continue yielding grain and technical crops. As of today, sunflower is harvested at 95%, soybeans by 30%, buckwheat by 90%. Compared to last year, the structure of crops has partly changed - corn has decreased to 3000 ha, soybeans have increased to 3600 ha, sunflower has decreased to 20%.

Even though the area of crops of sunflower has decreased, crops of this culture are on the fields of all AGROTRADE Group companies and make 15.7 thousand ha. Agrarians have already cultivated 13.5 thousand ha of sunflower with an average yield of 21.5 c/ha, 29 thousand tons.

We have high expectations of soybean yield this year, it is going to be much bigger than in the past. The total area of soybean crops is 12 thousand ha, 900 ha of which are with an average yield of 23.3 c/ha and 2.1 thousand tons were yielded, says Andrii Fedyanyn, director of the agricultural department of AGROTRADE group.

Regarding buckwheat, this year about 1000 ha were sowed with it, 800 ha were yielded (with an average yield of 15 c/ha) and 1.2 tons of it were matured. Buckwheat grains are in the fields of AGROTRADE Group, which are in Kharkiv, Sumy and Chernihiv oblasts.

Weather conditions made their adjustments in yielding both grain and industrial crops. We had to delay a little the start of the yielding, so the date of completion of works, as well, will move a little.

Yielding of buckwheat and sunflower is scheduled for the end of September. The yield of corn is scheduled for October.

At the same time, farms continue to work on winter wheat crops.

Agrotrade Group, 2009