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Enterprises of AGROTRADE Group continue harvesting



Enterprises of AGROTRADE Group continue harvesting of grain and industrial crops. Currently, they harvested 95% of sunflower, 30% of soybeans, 90% of buckwheat.

Compared with the last year cropping pattern has partially changed, maize grew less by 3,000 hectares, soybean has increased by 3600 hectares, sunflower decreased by 20%.

Despite the fact that the sunflower crop area decreased, this crop is presented on all fields of AGROTRADE Group and amounted to 15.7 thousand hectares.

Agrarians have threshed 13.5 thousand hectares of sunflower with an average yield of 21.5 cwt/ ha, harvested 29 thousand tons.

"We highly expect this year soybean harvest to be much more in volume than the last year. The total area of soybean crop is 12 thousand hectares, where 900 hectares were harvested with an average yield of 23.3 cwt/ha, the output is 2.1 tons", - tells the Director of Agro-Industrial Department of AGROTRADE Group Andrii Fedianyn.

As for buckwheat, this year it is sown on 1,000 hectares, 800 hectares have already been harvested with an average yield of 15 t/ha, the output is 1.2 tons. Buckwheat crops are presented on the Group`s fields located in Kharkiv, Sumy and Chernyhiv regions.

Weather conditions made adjustments in the harvest process both for grain and industrial crops - they had to delay a little the start of harvest, respectively, the date of works completion will also move a little bit.

Harvest of buckwheat and sunflower is planned before the end of September. Harvesting of corn is planned for October.

At the same time, seeding of winter wheat continues.

Agrotrade Group, 2009