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AGROTRADE Group has completed yielding campaign for early grain crops



AGROTRADE agricultural farms threshed 23,700 ha of early grain crops, 103 thousand tons of grain were mined.

The highest result was achieved on winter wheat, the sown area of which was 6,5 thousand ha. In total, more than 100 thousand tons (physical weight) of early cereals have been mined. Thus, this year the maximum indicator of winter wheat at the farms of the Group amounted to 55 c/ha, spring barley –33.17, the gross tax on which was 10395 tons on an area of 3134 ha.

“The main condition for the high yield is the quality of the sowing material (85% of the field area AGROTRADE group sows with seeds of its own production) and the annual increase in yield is a convincing proof that the company has chosen a correct strategy for developing its own seed production,” Andrii Fedyanyn, Director of Agri Industrial Department of AGROTRADE Group, commented on the existing yield indicators in agricultural farms of agroholding.

Unfortunately, this year we did not manage without some losses. Corn crops were affected because of the burning sun and the absence of rain and sunflower was damaged because of the hail.

In terms of equipment, the harvesters of such brands as John Deere (USA), Case (USA), Claas (Germany) worked on the fields this year. “This year, fuel is much more expensive than last year, so it was decided to buy it long before the start of sowing. Thus, we managed to purchase fuel at the best possible price”, – says Sergey Chabanenko, Chief Engineer of AGROTRADE Group.

The Agroholding farms finished yielding of early grain crops on August 12.

Agrotrade Group, 2009