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Commissioning of the new heavy tonnage lift at Blyzniukivskyi GSC



The new grain elevator officially completed commissioning on the August 1st at Blyzniukivskyi GSC (AGROTRADE Group) in Blyzniuky village, Kharkiv region. Blyzniuky Region has been waited for such a lift for a long time already.

This is not surprising, as prior the commissioning, it was quite difficult for local silos to cope with large volumes of grain flow, which caused a significant turn. Introduction of the new extended lift, that is intended to receipt trucks up to 80 tons, will certainly speed up the acceptance of products.

Currently, the lift located on the territory of Blyzniukivskyi GSC, is a unique and so far the only one in the area. Its main task is to enable unloading of heavy vehicles.

To solve the given problem AGROTRADE Group Management Company has decided to renovate one of the existing lifts. Namely to leave the entire process of grain delivery (supply) and put a heavy platform that can lift heavy tonnage vehicles. In addition, this platform had to solve the problem of long-length unloading.

According to a perfectly designed project, a new duty required platform, that was facilitated to the maximum weight of 80 tons was placed over the existing foundation.

Now you can unload and transport the grain from heavy transport in just one shipment.

All reconstruction works took 2.5 months.

"To carry out reconstruction is financially more profitable, that is to impose the old point with the new platform. The price of a new point built up, it is UAH 5 million, while the reconstruction costs are UAH 1,8 million, provided the usage of the existing foundation", - says Sergii Shcherban, Head of Engineering Department of AGROTRADE Group.

Place for new lift has also been chosen not by chance, but by rendering the feasibility and conveniences for drivers, straight way without sharp turns allows smooth and simple drive up to the receiver. In addition, all access and will go parts were reinforced with concrete coating to prevent rapid deformation of pavement with large trucks.

Agrotrade Group, 2009