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AGROTRADE Group has developed a unique technology allowing to save time and resources



The key to success In farm business is not so much access to natural resources, as the implementation of unique technologies, timely receipt of the necessary information, generation of new ideas. Thus, the relevance to the agricultural companies are development and implementation of new technologies to produce new types of higher quality product, reduce time and financial costs, upgrade of production facilities.

Regularly faced with the problem caused by the need to interrupt the drying process when the flow dryers, experts of AGROTRADE Group successfully solved it, using their experience and expertise. When using flow dryers often have to stop the drying process and to discharge the unit that is necessary to avoid grain damage. According to the regulations, such activities must be performed once in 1-3 days, leading to the removal of the dryer out of the workflow for at least 5-6 hours. Such a long break in the drying in the "hot" season is unacceptable, because it leads to a loss of customers.

Eventually, the solution was found by AGROTRADE employees, and the following technology has been developed. It was decided to save time in the process of the dryer unloading. At its discharge, as the zones release, the burners were blew out and the cold air cooled the shaft, thereby allowing the personnel to be engaged with stripping. This in turn led to the need to accelerate the stripping process. After stripping, as zones to be loaded the drying agent is supplied at a temperature of 100-110 ° C, wherein the discharge does not occur, thereby it comes out the interval of 10-15 minutes. Respectively the burners run with the same interval. As the dryer fill three, four, five areas it continues the injection of drying agent in the dryer without discharging.

What was the result? The problem in output of the flow dryer is that grain needs to be girdle. It must be warm and, most importantly, to warm up the shaft. When ringing, especially at the initial stage, the grain cools very quickly while moving, respectively, the grain dryer itself is being heated much longer. This process results in an overrun both gas and electricity, in addition to the losses in grain receipt. And at warming drying without discharge, it turns out the effect of rapid warming of grain and the dryer in general.

In this procedure, the drying master operates constantly express-analyzer with an interval of 10 minutes, and takes samples from at least the lowest zone, and at his best – from all. Upon reaching the humidity at 16%, banding process starts and just 10-15 minutes later the grain comes out with 14%. In this embodiment, it turns out to a significant reduction in the time of routine maintenance from 5-6 hours to 3-4 hours maximum.

And the most important thing in this process is that in this mode of the dryer output in a stream the grain deterioration is missing! Proved by AGROTRADE.

Agrotrade Group, 2009