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AGROTRADE Group is the winner of the Agrarian Elite of Ukraine project



AGROTRADE Group became award-winner in the Reliability and Stability category, of the TOP 100 best agricultural enterprises of Ukraine according to the Ukrainian Farmer Journal.

The purpose of the project is to show the active growth of the agricultural sector using successful experience of agro-industrial companies in Ukraine as an example. Each of 20 nominations named the best representatives of the agricultural sector based on the 2015 performance results, which proved the possibility of successful business and great potential of domestic agriculture.

Summarizing results of activities in 2015 AGROTRADE Group continues to show sustainability in all industrial and economic performance.

Given the instability and the actual lack of financing from the banking institutions, AGROTRADE Group fully complied with the plans in 2015 to modernize the storage and production capacities. Programs to optimize the utility of available resources in crop and seed production have been developed and effectively implemented.

Last year the Group's businesses harvested more than 210 000 tons of cereals, including 89 100 tonnes of corn, 80.9 thousand tons of wheat, 14.7 thousand tons of barley. In general, winter wheat was sown on an area of 20,300 hectares in 2016, which is 4 thousand hectares more than in 2015. 12,500 hectares were taken over for soya, which is 3 thousand hectares more than the previous period.

The winners of the Agrarian Elite of Ukraine project were named based on the expert opinions of five core journals, advisory board, composed of representatives of industry associations, leading banks and companies.

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