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Agricultural enterprises of AGROTRADE Group summed up the interim results of the sowing campaign



Despite the fact that the weather has brought changes in the schedule of the sowing campaign in contrast to the last year, the crop began a week later however, according to Mr. V. Rybalchenko, Chief Agronomist of AGROTRADE Group, beginning of April is not the deadline for sowing.

For the sowing all AGROTRADE`s enterprises were prepared by 100%: full supply of seeds, plant protection products, fertilizers are purchased, equipment ready.

Compared with the last year cropping pattern has partially changed. For example, wheat is planted on 20,300 hectares, it is 4,000 hectares more, contrary to the corn, that is less for 3,000 hectares. Reduction of the cultivated area is caused by objective factors – falling prices of this culture. Soybeans increased by 3600 hectares, barley crops decreased by 600 hectares and sunflower for 20%.

Increasing the amount of wheat aroused from the requirements of crop rotation, where wheat substitutes sunflower, what is necessary to restore soil. "If we are three years in a row to plant sunflowers in the same field, it completely depletes the soil. But, the worst thing, it will lead to a parasitic plant (sunflower broomrape), and it usually leads to a complete loss of the crop", - says V. Rybalchenko.

Specialty: first time this year, we started growing lentils and flax. Additionally, hybridization sites resumed cultivation of corn and sunflower this year. "For years, we actively use and fully maintain the algorithm use of intensive technology of growing crops in all areas. That allows you to receive the planned yield, - V. Rybalchenko said. - Intensive technology differs from conventional, traditional with the fact that it is not based on the certain effective methods of utility, but the integrated implementation of science excellence at all stages of production".

Any culture per quintal takes from the soil a certain amount of NPK: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other microelements. Therefore, all of these elements and microelements that are required for active growth of crops must be constantly compensated and recovered in soil. Sunflower growth requires boron, its deficiency may lead to lower yields, thus it is important to provide the culture with this microelement; corn needs zinc. Implementing of intensive technology allows for an annual increase in yields.

Regarding fertilizers, AGROTRADE Group enterprises mainly used complex NPK fertilizer, diammonium phosphate, which is used under corn and nitroammophos, which is used for 3 crops: sunflower, soya, barley. Wheat was sown with Arvi fertilizer of Lithuanian production. In addition, enterprises traditionally used nitrogen fertilizers urea and ammonium nitrate produced domestically.

This year for the needs of enterprises there were bought two self-propelled sprayer Case with working widths of 30 meters (USA), three KAMAZ tracks and drills Gaspardo (Italy) for planting row crops.

"Like the previous years of work, we are facing a global problem, to plant all planned cultures within short timeframes. Fortunately, the weather contributes with sun and required amount of precipitation. Therefore we have taken the pace of 1.5 thousand per day to use the most of favorable weather conditions for planting". Sowing of AGROTRADE Group is expected to be finished by May 15.

Agrotrade Group, 2009