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AGROTRADE Group completes agricultural year with a growth in production



This year appeared to be complicated for AGROTRADE Group and most Ukrainian agri companies. At the same time the volume of trade on the foreign market reached 1.2 million t., that is an all-time high for AGROTRADE Group. Fighting for yield results agribusinesses won as well, they reached a record harvest of crops.

Summer harvest campaign was successful for AGROTRADE Group. Agricultural enterprises of the holding harvested 58 thous. t. of wheat and 15 thous. t. of barley. Pleased to note the growth of early grain yield. This year on average AGROTRADE Group has received 53 t/ ha of winter wheat. Yield is 18.5% higher than last year. Comparing with the index three years ago the growth of productivity is 46.6% .Yield of spring barley has also increased. This year the average for the Group's companies was 38.6 t/ha. This is 20.6% higher than the yield last year, and in comparison with the 2012 yield of spring barley is 48.5% up.

Agricultural autumn was successful as well. A record yield of oilseed crops did not happen because of the weather conditions, at the same time maize yield increased significantly.

Gross yield of sunflower amounted to 35,228.35 t. The average yield of sunflower was 25 kg/ha what is comparable to the last year figures. Soybean harvest is 16,753.31 t., the yield of the crop is 20 kg/ha that is by 2 t/ha over planned. Corn harvest was 148,782.26 t. with an average yield of 75 cwt/ha that is higher than last year at 5 cwt/ ha.

Due to the increase in the Group's land bank AGROTRADE it was decided to expand the area under winter wheat. 16,500 ha were sown for 2015, it is 5 500 ha more than 2014 harvest.

"We have successfully completed a set of autumn field work and go into winter season fully prepared. Our farms are better prepared for spring in comparison with previous seasons. This year we have sown wheat within a short period time. In view of the current adverse weather the wheat is now well", - summed up the director of Agri-Industrial Department of AGROTRADE Group Oleksandr Voskoboinyk.

He also noted, that all farms had worked more professionally this year. Agricultural enterprises managed to economize resources. Substantial saving of diesel fuel was achieved.

"We retained economic indicators, despite significant price hikes we kept the planned targets. This means that our machine operators, managers use machinery more carefully. We work according to a plan, and thus effectively. Talking about the leaders, they are: agricultural enterprises "Zlagoda", "Im. Vatutina", "Kolos", "Khliborob", "Victoria Agro", - said Oleksandr Voskoboinyk.

Agrotrade Group, 2009