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  1. A film about the Holodomor is being shot at the Chernihiv elevator of the AGROTRADE Group


    In the town of Velikaya Doch of the Borznyansky district of the Chernigov region, a political thriller about the Holodomor is being filmed. The working title of the painting is «Gareth Jones». It is the production of an international team, which includes participants from Ukraine, Poland and the UK.

  2. AGROTRADE Group will proceed with farm loan programs for 2017


    Commencing 2016, AGROTRADE Group has productive relationships with financial institutions. The Portfolio contains agreements with major banks in the country PJSC CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, JSC Raiffeisen Bank Aval, JSC PIRAEUS BANK ICB. 2017 started favorably, and all the limits to finance a sowing campaign were agreed with banks at the beginning of the year.

  3. AGROTRADE Group is the philanthropist of the year in nomination of "Ukrainian business structure"


    AGROTRADE Group won the prize in regional contest "Philanthropist of the Year" named after patrons Tarnovskyi in the "Ukrainian business structure." The award ceremony was held on December, 9 in the Chernihiv State Literary-Memorial Museum of Mikhailo Kotsyubinsky.

  4. AGROTRADE Group will supply Ukrainian eco-products to the world`s markets


    AGROTRADE Group received the Organic Standard, that is the only organic certification body in Ukraine for organic production recognized in the EU, and commencing spring 2017 AGROTRADE will start its own organic production: soybeans, peas, buckwheat. Areas under the production are amounted to 2,000 hectares located in Chernihiv, Sumy and Kharkiv regions.

  5. Enterprises of AGROTRADE Group continue harvesting


    Enterprises of AGROTRADE Group continue harvesting of grain and industrial crops. Currently, they harvested 95% of sunflower, 30% of soybeans, 90% of buckwheat.

  6. AGROTRADE Group completed the harvesting campaign of early grains


    Enterprises of AGROTRADE Group processed 23,700 thousand hectares of early grain crops, harvested 103 thousand tons of grain.

  7. Commissioning of the new heavy tonnage lift at Blyzniukivskyi GSC


    The new grain elevator officially completed commissioning on the August 1st at Blyzniukivskyi GSC (AGROTRADE Group) in Blyzniuky village, Kharkiv region. Blyzniuky Region has been waited for such a lift for a long time already.

  8. IBI-Rating has affirmed credit ratings of SK-AGRO LLC


    On July 11, IBI-Rating agency affirmed long-term credit ratings of SK-AGRO (affiliated to AGROTRADE Group) and its B series bonds at uaBBB + grade.

  9. AGROTRADE Group has developed a unique technology allowing to save time and resources


    The key to success In farm business is not so much access to natural resources, as the implementation of unique technologies, timely receipt of the necessary information, generation of new ideas. Thus, the relevance to the agricultural companies are development and implementation of new technologies to produce new types of higher quality product, reduce time and financial costs, upgrade of production facilities.

  10. AGROTRADE Group is the winner of the Agrarian Elite of Ukraine project


    AGROTRADE Group became award-winner in the Reliability and Stability category, of the TOP 100 best agricultural enterprises of Ukraine according to the Ukrainian Farmer Journal.

  11. Agricultural enterprises of AGROTRADE Group summed up the interim results of the sowing campaign


    Despite the fact that the weather has brought changes in the schedule of the sowing campaign in contrast to the last year, the crop began a week later however, according to Mr. V. Rybalchenko, Chief Agronomist of AGROTRADE Group, beginning of April is not the deadline for sowing.

  12. One of the largest companies in the agricultural market AGROTRADE Group continues to invest in the Eastern region through the cooperation with the EBRD


    One of the largest companies in the agricultural market AGROTRADE Group continues to invest in the Eastern region through the cooperation with the EBRD

  13. AGROTRADE Group demands rebuttal of the defamation published online by "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine"


    AGROTRADE Group demands rebuttal of the defamation published online by "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine".

  14. Management of AGROTRADE Group held a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of PJSC CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK


    During the meeting they discussed points of the further cooperation between the agriholding and the bank, in particular an increase in the volumes of financing.

  15. Agribusinesses of AGROTRADE Group carry out spring field works in active way


    This year 48 thousand ha will be used under spring sowing, that is 74% of the total cultivated area of AGROTRADE Group. Maize share will be reduced by 50% this year. The company had to reduce costs for the spring sowing campaign due to devaluation of hryvnia.

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