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Organic Products

The idea of organic farming appeared in 2013 in the holding. With this aim, the special lands were separated for growing organic products and a special division was created, which is engaged in planning, managing of a process of a growing, organizing of analyses and certification. Also, all necessary equipment was bought and special storages for organic products were prepared.

The first important step for AGROTRADE Group was certification. In 2016 AGROTRADE received the first certificate of European standard from Organic Standard. Organic Standard is the largest certification authority in Ukraine, which has been engaged in certification of organic production for more than 10 years and uses the confidence of European countries.

In 2017, the holding gathered the first harvest of organic products - soybeans, flax and lentils. In the same year, AGROTRADE Group firstly exported the organic products flax and lentils, and the first customer on the foreign market was in Germany.

In 2018, more than 2.500 hectares were given for organic farming in PAE «UKRAINE». AGROTRADE Group is directed on the organic production increasing and it has all possibilities for development. In 2019 the company is planning to grow organic winter wheat, black mustard, white mustard, corn, lentils, flax, buckwheat, corn, soybeans, sunflower.

AGROTRADE Group intends to extend the range of cultivated crops and ready to discuss for growing of organic products under the order of Buyers. See more...

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