Seeds of sunflower, wheat, winter wheat, corn hybrids, spring barley, soybeans, buckwheat produced by AGROTRADE Group in Ukraine / Seed Production

In recent years AGROTRADE Group has launched a new activity — production and sale of reproductive seeds of grain crops and hybrid seeds of maize and sunflower. Seed businesses located in Sumy and Kharkiv Oblasts are licensed by domestic and foreign selection originators and produce high-quality seeds. We strive to bring to market new seed corn and sunflower hybrids with high potential yields and combined resistance to major diseases and stress, allowing farmers to reach a growth of profitability.

In 2011 in terms of the existing base and acquired experience AGROTRADE Group has created the elite seed farm "Kolos" ALLC, that is a member of “Ukrainian seed community” association.

The aim of the farm is to take a leadership among similar businesses in Kharkiv Oblast. So far, the farm is able to respond not only to Group`s demand but also to provide with elite seeds other companies of the region.

Currently more than 100 000 ha in Kharkiv, Poltava, Sumy, Kirovograd, Chernygiv, Lugansk and Dnipropetrovsk Oblasts are annually sown with the seeds originally produced by the company.

Sunflower hybrids are offered in a wide range. They are in demand in the market due to the following benefits:

• Ideal morphophysiological homogeneity

• High technology, the lack of seed pods cast

• High plasticity and stable yield

• High oil content (48-54%)

• Excellent resistance to drought

• Tolerance to pathogens, including those to Phomopsis and Sclerotinia

Break-down of sunflower hybrids by duration of vegetative period:

- Early (growing period 100-104 days)

- Mid-season (growing period 106-115 days)

- Late (growing period of 115 days)

Much attention of AGROTRADE`s seed businesses is paid to the quality of seed parent forms, latest achievements in science and technology are used while processing.The maize hybrids to offer, realize maximum of their potential adhering to all technological requirements.

According to results of survey, weather and nitrogen ensuring are the most important factors affecting the yield of maize.Predecessor is also of great concern.

Moisture deposit varies depending on different forecrops. Corn hybrids are very sensitive to the depth of tillage: the deeper the tillage is, the deeper root system becomes and the more efficient moisture utilization is.To purchase high-quality seeds of sunflower and corn, to get a professional advice, please contact our sales department.

Tel. Seed Sales Section:(057) 766-22-22

Deputy Head of Seed Sales Section: Sergii Danilenko (050) 343-77-31,


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