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Buckwheat Processing

Agrotrade Group is among top three leaders in terms of buckwheat processing in Ukraine. The plant that outputs First grade buckwheat is based on Dvorichanskyi Grain Elevator LLC. The product complies with DST 5550-74 requirements and has significant advantages in terms of flavor qualities. The facility’s annual production capacity is 30,000 tons of the product. Up to 90 tons of raw material can be processed during 24 hours.

The facility additionally cleans buckwheat of rubbish and mineral admixtures through stoning machines and magnet-based traps. The clean raw material is forwarded for heat treatment. This technology increases nutritive and caloric value and decontaminates the surface of the end product. After such treatment the cereal can be boiled much quicker. Drum sieves separate split cores and dust contributing to an appetizing appearance of the end product. The cleaning and calibrating system, like laboratory control at all production stages, minimizes losses and ensures that a high-quality product is output.

Agrotrade Group, 2009